Introducing the Publich Health Corner

Hello everyone and welcome to the new IKS campaign -> the Public Health Corner.

First, let me introudce myself and tell you more about the background of this weekly campaign.
My name is Clairy, I am 20 years old and I come from the South of France. I came to Petrinja to Association IKS as a European solidarity crops volunteer for 8 months. I have a professional baccalaureate in human services and I am going to study  nursing after my volunteering in Pétrinja. 

That’s why,  today I would like to present to you my new online campaign called the Public Health Corner – information and prevention. I am doing this campaign to increase the awareness of young people on current societal issues and to enable them to become acquainted with certain subjects that are rarely ”on the menu”.
For me,  it is important that people have knowledge of these subjects in order to be able to intervene and be building actors in a society, as well as being able to take care of themselves. 

Every week we will explore various different topics from the filed of human health. Some of the topics we will touch are harassement, domestic violence, disability, smoking, substance abuse, corona, trafficking, contraception, road safety, obesity, pollution impact on humans, cancer, traditional medicine…..

But first of all, for this introudction week let’s start with defining what public health is.

What is public health?

Public Health is a term referring to the several health policies implemented to prevent, treat and support the population in illness and situations of accidents.

Find out more about public health in Croatia :

Thank you for your reading and I hope you will enjoy it!

The contents of this article is the sole responsibility of Association IKS.