Support IKS Association


Well-meaning people who want to help those whose houses and apartments were destroyed or damaged in the earthquakes, can donate by bank transfer. Transaction description: Donation for citizens. Association IKS will redirect the help to the most needy.

If you want to help Association IKS, who has lost its working space, to continue its work, you can donate by bank transfer. Transaction description: Donation for IKS.

NAME: Udruga za promicanje informatike, kulture i suzivota

ADDRESS: Turkulinova 9,  44250, Petrinja, Croatia

BANK: Privredna banka Zagreb
IBAN: HR0923400091110111232

Transaction description: Donation for citizens or Donation for IKS


Association IKS is a non-profit and non-government organization that is mainly funded through calls for proposals published by donors. Funding of the Association is also supported by individuals through their donations. You can help as well and become a supporter of IKS Association!

With donations you are helping:

  • to encourage civic activism and volunteer work
  • to promote participative democracy
  • to organize public debates, promotional activities, public debates, manifestations
  • strengthening capacities and stimulating cooperation, partnership and connections of the key stakeholders for community development
  • non-formal education programmes (seminars, workshops, classes)
  • to educate citizens in informational technologies
  • strengthening civic society capacities
  • empowering socially volnurable and marginalized groups of people (long-term unemployed citizens, young people with fewer opportunities, single mothers, unemployed women, women of age 45+, persons with disabilities, national minorities and other socially volnurable groups marginalized by society)
  • strengthening and educating youth for career development in civic sector
  • give services of Job seekers club
  • to stimulate social integration of marginalized groups
  • to spur international cooperation
  • to implement educational programmes and activities for children including civic education


If you wish to actively support  Association IKS and our work, you can do so by donating to our bank account.

Privredna banka Zagreb
IBAN HR0923400091110111232

Transaction description: Donation for IKS