About us

ASSOCIATION FOR PROMOTION OF IT, CULTURE AND COEXISTENCE (IKS) was founded by a group of young enthusiasts who wanted to create positive changes in a post-war community. The association was  registered on the 12th of March 2003 with headquarters in Petrinja.

Activities of the organisation:

  • encourage civic activism and volunteer work;
  • promote participatory democracy;
  • organise public debates, promotional activities, forums, events (theatre, projections, promotions, exhibitions, festivals);
  • strengthen capacities and encourage cooperation, partnership and linking key stakeholders in community development;
  • implement non-formal education programs (seminars, workshops, training courses);
  • strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations;
  • empower socially vulnerable and marginalized groups (long-term unemployed, young people with fewer opportunities, single mothers, unemployed women, women 45+, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities and other socially vulnerable groups on the margins of society);
  • empower and educate young people to develop careers in the civil society sector;
  • provide Job seeker club and Social entrepreneurship centre services;
  • encourage the social integration of vulnerable groups;
  • encourage international cooperation;
  • conduct educational programs and activities for children including civic education;
  • carry out self-financing activities of the organisation in line with the strategic objectives of Association IKS.


The Board of Directors of the Association is the highest body consisting of 14 members.

Pursuant to Article 8 of the Associations Act (NN 74/2014), the activities of Association IKS are based on the principle of democratic organisation, which means that the Association is governed by all its members in a way that the internal structure of the Association is based on the principles of democratic representation and democratic expression. The Association has the highest governing body called the Board of Directors and one natural person authorized to represent the Association. During 2015, at the time of harmonization of the Statute of the Association in accordance with the new Law on Associations and instructions and recommendations of the Guide for harmonization of valid statutes of associations issued by the Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs and the National Foundation for Civil Society Development in the Republic of Croatia, members of the Assembly of Association IKS determined a different name for the Assembly as the highest body of the Association and unanimously changed it to the Board of Directors. They also unanimously voted to appoint one person to represent the association as legal representative, whose job title was then changed from President to Executive Director, in accordance with the recommendation of the Guide, which states that the association is independent in determining the name of the authorized person for representation (e.g., president, director, leader, coordinator, etc.).

Members of the Association IKS governing Board of Directors are experts in specific fields in which we operate and have the role of advisor in planning and implementing activities, programs and projects.

  1. Miroslav Petrak – one of the founders of Association IKS in 2003, a long-term volunteer and employee of Association IKS until 2017, IT and marketing consultant of Association IKS
  2. Gordana Paton – member of Association IKS since 2008, volunteer, and later employee of the Association from 2009 until today, expert in the field of andragogy (adult education, vocational education and training) and human resource management
  3. Tamara Jovičić – member of the Association since 2010, volunteer, employee since 2010, manager of the Association, expert in community work and non-profit sector, member of the Human Rights Council of the Government, member of the Partnership Council for drafting and monitoring the SMC Development Plan 2021 – 2027, Executive Director of Association IKS in the term until 2025
  4. Sabina Stipanec Grgić – volunteer, member of the Association since 2015, employee since 2015 until today, bacc. occupational therapy, expert in adapting programs for users of institutions in social care and penal system, member of the Working Group for drafting the proposal of the National Youth Program for the period from 2022 to 2024
  5. Gordana Šelendić – professor of Croatian language and literature, advisor in the development of projects and programs for educational institutions, active citizen – initiator of programs in culture, member of the Association since 2015
  6. Sonja Štefanić – B.Sc. economist, employee of the City of Petrinja administration, expert in the field of finance and quality assurance systems
  7. Iva Markulj – Master of Industrial Design, long-term activist in the field of youth work, volunteer of the Association since 2010, employee of IKS from 2015 to 2017 as a youthworker
  8. Mara Žugaj – private entrepreneur from the local community, volunteer of the Association
  9. Hrvoje Kihalić – private entrepreneur from the local community, long-term volunteer and founder of a local civil society organisation, liquidator of Association IKS in the term until 2025
  10. Dušanka Pjevač – long-term volunteer, employee of IKS from 2017 until today, expert in finance and administration with extensive experience in international non-profit organizations
  11. Vesna Brebrić – Master of Preschool Education, employee of the Petrinjčica Kindergarten, leader of the Slavulj Children’s Choir, member of the Petrusica vocal ensemble, advisor for preschool education programs, creator of several texts for puppet shows on civic education and childrens rights
  12. Petar Rismondo – Master of Economics in Business Marketing, long-term volunteer in the learning assistance program, one of the authors of the Report on the Implementation of the Sisak-Moslavina County Human Resources Development Strategy 2014-2020 for 2015, associate in the process of preparing and programming revitalization deprived areas, employee of the Association from 2015 to 2017
  13. Božana Fofić – lawyer, advisor to the Association in legal matters
  14. Larisa Brkić – a longtime volunteer in youth programs, puppet shows on the topics of civic education, employee of Association IKS from 2017 to 2020, deputy member of the Youth Council of Petrinja.


Association IKS operates at Turkulinova 9, in premises owned by the Republic of Croatia.

The Association currently employs 4 people on a fixed-term contract and 5 contracted for an indefinite period of time.

Executive Director – Tamara Jovičić


Vision: A humane democratic environment in which Association IKS acts as a generator of change and a stronghold of positive ideas.

A community whose members find solutions and actively take initiatives to create a better life for all residents, strive for equal opportunities for all and maintain common values ​​creating a future in which following generations contribute to sustainability through activism in all spheres of society.

Mission: To empower citizens by developing a sense of responsibility and taking the initiative to advance the whole community.

Association IKS contributes to the creation of a better and fairer society by investing in each individual and empowering them as active citizens who feel a sense of belonging to the community and take responsibility for creating a better environment for themselves and their fellow citizens. We achieve this by creating possibilities, opportunities and space for participation in the local area, in cooperation with partners from Croatia and abroad. Our doors are open to all individuals or groups of citizens who want to realize the right to basic human needs, strive for independence and self-realization, and we ensure this with community partners including public administration bodies, institutions and associations. We achieve the mission in a practical and stimulating way where users actively participate, think, learn, solve problems and develop personally and professionally.


Principles of operation

The common values ​​of our members are key to achieving quality results and the foundation of our work in the development of society:

– Tolerance, non-violence, respect for diversity, opinions and attitudes

– Stimulating environment

– Respect for human rights

– Solidarity

– Transparency of work and good governance

– Professional open communication

– Global partnership and cross-sectoral cooperation


Strategic guidelines and goals of the Association for the period 2022-2024:

Community development and democratization of society

Objective: Building infrastructure as a place of community, solidarity and civic initiatives and establishing a system of sustainable activism.

Capacity development of Association IKS

Objective: Development of the organisation with the aim of stronger social impact in the community, through implementing our strategic vision we want to improve the delivery of our mission and ensure a sustainable organisation.