SoMoveEd – transnational Project meeting in Zielona Gora

SoMoveED project team, Zielona Gora, May 2022

Within our international Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership project –Social Education on the Move (commonly known as the so called ”So MoveED”) and after coping with the pandemic circumstances, we finally managed to organise our second partner meeting in person. Last week, on the 18. and 19.05.2022, the IKS project team members – Duška and Nadja took part in the trans-national meeting held in Zielona Gora, Poland. Our hosts and the project leaders – University of Zielona Gora, Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology, department of Sociology – provided us with thick 2 day programme full of movement and learning. 

The SoMoveED project aims to introduce innovative solutions to university education consisting in carrying out activities on the move, as far as possible outside the university’s classrooms.

The project Social Education on the move in general aims to develop, implement and disseminate innovations in the MOBILE SOCIAL EDUCATION (MmsED) MODEL in higher education. Its attribute is organizing the didactic process in motion, outside the university walls, with stakeholders from outside the academic community (citizens, representatives of institutions and organizations, activists, people at risk of marginalization).

Upon arrival to Zielona Gora, a very charming city in the Lubusk region in west Poland,the project partners were warmly welcomed on a non formal hangout by our project hosts Dorota Bazuń and Mariusz Kwiatkowski.

During the 2 day transnational project meeting we had the opportunity to listen to very inspiring and interesting lectures from project partners and other professionals passionate about the concept of inovation, quality learning by supporting the formal education system with education in/on move methods.

During the first day of the programme, in the morning period the participants were offered the opportunity to visit the University of Zielona Gora Rectorate buildings and better understand each others creation and working context over plennary sessions dealing with the topic ”Cross-Border and Mobile Research and Education”. The guests were welcomed and intorducet to the University programs by the Deputy Rector for Science and International Cooperation after which some extremly inspiring work has been shared, presented and disscussed; 

Anna Mielczarek-Żejmo (UZ) intoroduced us to Cross-border research and refugee crisis,
Agnieszka Halemba (University of Potsdam) with hers and her students research of Life on the border – cross-border relations between
the inhabitants of the Polish-German borderland, Nadja Matešić (IKS Petrinja, Croatia) about Cross-border education in the local crisis-hit
community of Petrinja, Alastair N. Roy (University of Central Lancashire) about his research ”Learning through movement: reflections on mobile research practice”, Zbigniew Adaszyński (UZ) gifted us with a very special interaction on the topic ”TO or FROM: the class experience” and Mariusz Kwiatkowski (UZ) shared his insights on  Mobile education in transformative perspective.

In the next session, the sessions on the move, project partners could choose between multipe interesing exloratory wallks organised by the Polish team;

1. CARING FARMS – empowering aging villagers
2. CULTURAL QUARTERS – opportunity for inhabitants
3. MOBILE EVALUATION of the effects of revitalisation
4. WINE-DIPPED CITY – Zielona Góra
5.U-EMPOWER – empowering Ukrainian refugees

Exploratory walks had a great impact on the participants with many touching and empowering moments shared together wich contributed to fruitful discussion.  Education, percpetion, intercultural learning, understanding, solidarity, approached to community participation, cross and inter sectoral cooperation, hollism in shaping future global citizens and broadeding skills, knowledge and competences, life in general and many other important issues and topics were discussed. 

Big part of the transnational project meeting was devoted to focusing strengts and building upon the intelectual outputs of the project and further project steps planning. 

One of the next steps of the project is the development of educational movie materials showing and promoting mobile and mobility elemts in higher education.


We are grateful to our project leaderas Dorota and Mariusz for connecting this beautiful group of inspiring change makers into this project that will enable us to work together towards growth, creativity, inovation and development of individuals, groups and systems.



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