My perspective of Socijala Summer Festival – Ricard Iglesias

The festival has been a good experience that I will bring with myself when I will go back to Barcelona. Let me explain what I want to mean when I say “good”.

First, and most important for me, I had the chance to meet my first kid since I am in Petrinja. I really enjoyed talking with Lovro (or Lobro, I don’t know exactly the letters). A 10-year-old that reflected me his enthusiasm about life, his passion about sports and his ability to stay with adults like us. This ability reminds me that scholarship is an absolutely expired system that worked two centuries ago, but not anymore.Why kids are classified for ages? Why all 10-year-old cannot learn from teens? And why 15-year-old cannot learn from them?

The lesson for me was this: kids can learn from adults, and adults MUST learn from kids, especially when we start to take life as “serious stuff”. Adults forget to serve others, playing and sharing ideas. Kids, whereas, never focus on themselves, in their stuff and their status. It was a good reminder for me. After this festival, and especially for this kid, I become a little bit humbler again.

Finally, I would like to be grateful. I had the chance to share some of my ideas about life style in the two meditation workshops. I think all the participants opened themselves in a difficult and not common workshop for most of the people. The feeling of being rejected, the fear of sharing ourselves, the fear of losing our “mask” through eyes, but also the ability to play again in different games makes me feel not just fulfilled but excite about what’s coming in next generations.

To sum up, there’s nothing better than this magnificent photo took by Estela with Lovro. Inspiring.

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