My perspective of Socijala Summer Festival – Almedina Habul

Socijala festival was a great experience for many reasons. Firstly, I was surrounded by different and beautiful people who were there to make everything better, not just to check it out. We talked, laughed, and respected each other. That is the reason why I could sing, read the poetry and other things I did.

We had all the materials that we needed, and we were encouraged to exchange our thoughts. Kupa is a perfect place to organize festival. When I saw group of people that participated, I was happy and felt like we did something, and now I want to do more.

To sum up, it was great, I can’t even pick a favourite thing. Thank you for giving me this experience.

With love, Almedina     

Ovaj članak dio je projekata “Exploring and unveiling youth potential through volunteering”, aktivnosti “Creative summer” financiranih od Europske Unije kroz program Eramsus+ Ključna aktivnost 1 (KA1) – obrazovna mobilnost pojedinaca; mobilnost pojedinaca u području mladih.

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