Game On: Gamified Language Learning On A Strictly Inclusive Basis

We take this opportunity to introduce you to a partner project and share with you the brochure as one of the outputs of this learning and enriching experience. The lead partners and project managers THE FOUNDATION FOR THE CENTER OF CREATIVE ACTIVITY  from Poland are also our partners in the European LE.MO.N. (Learning Mobility Network). 

Training Course: “GAME ON”

Lead partner: FUNDACJA CENTRUM AKTYWNOŚCI TWÓRCZEJ founded in Leszno on the initiative of three young people who believed in the potential of youth and the possibility of activating the local community. Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej is a non-governmental organization, operating since 2008, promoting the demands of non-formal education, key competencies, attitudes of openness, tolerance and equality of life in a multicultural society. Their main activities are focused on supporting the development of children and young people,
equalizing educational opportunities and disseminating culture. They strive to form a society
that is involved in the affairs of their community. They promote the idea of volunteering and
social activity. They achieve their goals by organizing workshops, training sessions, conferences, happenings, concerts and festivals.

– To create an environment aimed at developing, experimenting, creating, and sharing
innovative games, methodologies, stories, and tools for other youths, with specific
attention to the inclusion and integration processes of young refugees and migrants in
the local communities and in the youth organizations
– To explore the use of different digital and analogue tools in the development and
creation of educational games and activities that promote youth empowerment and
the sharing of European values
– To contribute to the professional and personal development and to improve the
competences of youth workers and educators of partner organizations, providing
tools, knowledge and skills useful to face the need for intercultural dialogue among
young people and their communities
– To contribute to improving quality in youth work, at the local and European level,
keeping into consideration the changes and challenges of today’s society as for the
inclusion and integration of young people with different cultural backgrounds
– To contribute to fighting radicalization and xenophobia among young Europeans and
local communities, providing opportunities for intercultural dialogue through real and
true encounters
– To empower youth workers to become active multipliers able to improve their local
working and living environments, raising social awareness towards true
interculturalism in society and above all in the youth sector.
– To engage and empower disadvantaged youth, specifically young migrants/refugees
and youth from cultural and ethnic minorities, giving them the opportunity to bring
positive change in their communities.

A project brochure was published as part of the dissemination activities for the closing of the
Training Course “GAME-ON” Gamified Language learning on a strictly inclusive basis, which
took place for one week in July 2021.


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This project was created with the funding and support of the European Commission under
the Erasmus+ Programme.