Udruga IKS i OAZA u OŠ Jabukovac i OŠ Ivan Goran Kovačić Gora

10. i 11.10. 2019 u posjetu su nam došli partneri iz udruge OAZA i njihovih 11 EVS volontera.  Zajednički projekt ”Oaza za djecu” započeo je svoju prvu fazu. U suradnji s osnovnim školama volonteri će kroz iduće dvije godine s učenicima saditi školske vrtove. Faza upoznavanja izvršena je kroz ekološke radionice sa školarcima. U sklopu ovog susreta volonteri su posjetili kuću od slame i blata u svrhu edukacije o prirodnom graditeljstvu. Osvrte naših EVS volontera na provedene aktivnosti možete pročitati dalje u tekstu:



It was a beautiful day for me. I met new volunteers. We prepared games for children with volunteers. It was very nice to play with the children. The smile on the faces of the children was spectacular. Several students came and asked to speak Turkish with me. Because they were watching Turkish TV series and they loved Turkish culture. They wanted to take pictures with me.They asked questions about Turkey. They followed me through my social media accounts. It was a great experience. I’m glad to meet them. I will miss them.’

Neslişah Taşkiranoğullari 



All of the five volunteers from IKS (me, Celeste, Margarida, Orhan and Neslisah) participated in an activity with the volunteers of Oaza (that we had briefly met the day before when they had visited IKS) by going in a school in the town of Gora. There we helped Oaza and we met three different classes of different ages. For every class we divided into groups and made the students do a little energizer exercise to get their attention and then we followed that with the Workshop that Oaza prepared. The energizers were name games to help them learn our name and so we could learn some of theirs, for the youngest class we changed the exercise in a catch game so they could run around and get their energies up. After these energizers we implemented the actual workshop which was on Recycling and how to divide different items in different trash bins. It was organized as a game with two opposing teams that competed in finishing the exercise faster than the other. The kids were given a slip of paper with an item written on it in both English and Croatian, then they ran through an obstacle race and they had to pronounce the name of the item in English to a volunteer and at the very end they had to decide which bin to throw it into. All of the Volunteers were acting as obstacles in the race or were helping the kids with the English name and the choice of the bin. The activity was fun, interesting and dynamic, we met a large group of Volunteers that had many new ideas and they made us part of their group for the day, which was incredibly nice.

Alice Bariani


”We went to school on the morning of a sunny day. We met volunteers from Zagreb. I learned new stories, new cultures with new volunteers.We played a lot of games with the students. We did fun activities. The students at the school said they watched Turkish serials. They wanted to take pictures with us. We talked with them about Turkey and Istanbul.Some students could speak Turkish. It was an interesting and beautiful experience for me. I’m glad to meet them.”

Orhan Beratoğlu





Projekt sufinancira Ured za udruge Vlade Republike Hrvatske.

Stajališta izražena u ovom članku isključiva su odgovornost Udruge IKS i ne odražavaju nužno stajalište Ureda za udruge Vlade Republike Hrvatske.