On-arrival trening u Orahovici

On-arrival trening za strane volontere održan je za novu grupu tek pristiglih EVS volontera od 14. do 19.10.2019 u edukacijskom centru Crvenog križa u Orahovici pod organizacijskim vodstvom Agencije za mobilnost i programe EU.

Na treningu sudjelovali su volonteri iz Turske Neslisah i Organ koji su u Petrinji na projektu “We are combining generations” turske organizacije Sisli District Governorship iz Istanbula te volonterka iz Italije Alice koja je u projektu Smile & Go naših talijanskih partnera CEMEA del Mezzogiorno onlus

Doživljaj IKS-ove volonterke partnerskog projekta Smile&Go pročitajte u daljnjem tekstu:




I arrived in Orahovica in the afternoon of the 14th and on the first day (Monday) we only had a couple of games to learn each other names, nationality, their organization in Croatia and the city they were working in.

On the second day (Tuesday) we learned about the different roles involved in EVS (or ESC) and what were each of their rights and responsibilities (Volunteer, Mentor, Supervisor, Sending Organization, Host Organization and the National Agency + European Commission). We discussed it all together afterwards to check how the volunteers felt towards all of these roles and who we should contact in the case of a problem. We also read the Infopack together with the volunteers of our organization to discuss it between us.

On the third day (Wednesday) we discussed how to understand the needs of a community and the importance of listening to the community itself and project management and how to divide the roles involved in that (project manager, time manager, person in charge of the inventory, etc). We applied that in a game where different groups had limited resources to make a structure that would help an egg “survive” a fall from the first floor. We also discussed our Cigna insurance and what it covers. In the afternoon we had to talk to the people of Orahovica to get an idea of what were the elements that composed the community and what were the needs that they wanted to prioritize.


On the fourth day (Thursday) we were all acting as one organization with a series of tasks that had to be implemented and the whole “game” was about assigning roles and implementing each task during a specific window of time and with limited resources while keeping the communication active with all of the groups and involving everyone at the best of their ability. The goal of the game was earning enough points to “get funding” from the “National Agency”, we succeeded in the goal and discussed everyone’s participation in the activity at length afterwards.

On the fifth day (Friday) in the morning we discussed culture (both our own and the Croatian culture) to try and understand that some issues may not have a simple explanation (ie: laziness, lack of involvement, etc) but a deeper reason for being that we don’t often see but is actually what we should try and help resolve (like an iceberg, what we see is part of a much bigger body that we don’t see). We also discussed the cultural shock that we will probably experience at some point in our EVS. In the afternoon we discussed different types of organizations and why they don’t all have the same priorities, as well as the importance of problem solving and what are the steps to try and solve conflict.

On the last day (Saturday) we discussed the Youthpass and did the Evaluation of the week.

All of the topics we discussed together were very important, even the ones that are perceived as more “boring” like reading every part of a contract before signing at the end, or the steps towards contacting Cigna. The ones I found were the most interesting for me were the problem solving, the discussion on Cultural shock and the moment we tried to actually implement some projects with limited resources and very little time. All of these were very important topics that we learned in a fun and interesting way. I didn’t find it childish, instead I found that the practical teaching was the most effective and I always appreciated the group discussion afterwards. A very busy week, filled with lots of important information.

Alice Bariani


The Agency for mobility and EU programmes is the contracting authority and support for Erasmus+ projects in Croatia. Agencija za mobilnost i programe EU je ugovorno tijelo i podrška projekata Erasmus+ u Hrvatskoj.


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