Noć muzeja 2020

U petak 31. Siječnja 2020. godine, volonteri Udruge IKS uključili su se u volonterski program Gradskog muzeja Sisak povodom Noći muzeja. Kulturni događaj pod nazivom “Noć muzeja” program je čija je glavna značajka da su muzejski i drugi izložbeni prostori otvoreni do kasno u noć te da je ulaz posjetiteljima slobodan što omogućava posjetu ne samo jednog muzejskog ili izložbenog prostora već više njih.

Orhan i Neslişah, volonteri iz Turske dobili su priliku biti modeli za novu kolekciju Siscije u okviru tematske izložbe ”Tradicijska moda s početka 20. stoljeća”.

Kako im je bilo u toj ulozi, pročitajte u tekstu ispod fotografije. 


‘’ I was thrilled when I was offered a volunteering job at the museum on Friday. This volunteering became even more interesting to me when they asked me if I wanted to be a model later on. We arranged everything and went to the museum around 17: 30. As soon as we left, they gave us the clothes we were going to wear, and we started getting ready. When I first saw my outfit I was very surprised because it was so different from the style I normally wear. Although I was surprised at first, I got used to it and liked it a lot. Since the size of the trousers was a bit large, the tailors working in Siscia immediately fixed the size of the trousers. I felt like a real model and that was very exciting. Then they told us about our duties. We were tasked to welcome guests who wandered between floors. Everyone’s attention was on the clothes when we were on the floors and I think it was very good publicity.

The museum contained items from ancient history. I’ve never had the opportunity to come to this museum before, and now I’ve had the opportunity to work here voluntarily and tour the museum. A friend we met at the museum, who was responsible for the security of the area, showed us around. He gave us an introduction to the items found. With his information, we’ve learned a lot about the museum.

We then went back to the place where there was a children’s workshop. The atmosphere here was completely different. The children were willing to do whatever activity they wanted. Some children cut cardboard dolls, clothe them, other children knit bracelets. we started cutting out cardboard dolls with the kids and dressing them. We then tried knitting bracelets and it was really hard. It was my first experience that I had never done an event like this before.

We then went around the museum again and said to the guests ‘Dobrodošli’. Everyone was so kind to us. Some people showed us to their friend and said you look nice. During our dinner break, we met another girl from the volunteers. She was 17 and she asked us questions like where we came from and why we were here. We introduced ourselves to her and then she introduced herself to us. As far as we know, we tried to speak Croatian with her. A very cute girl.

When our mission was over, JACA, the woman in charge of the clothes, said that she was so grateful for everything and that the whole night was great. It was a great experience for me. For the first time in my life, I was in charge of such an event. The way people treated us was very nice and kind. I would like to thank the museum staff and the Siscia company in particular for allowing us to volunteer tonight to become a model.’’

  • Neslişah

‘’First of all, after ı was invited to the Museum night and ı was a little excited that I was going to be modeling for the Siscia brand.

After arriving at the Museum at 31.01.2020 at 5.30 pm, the lady in charge showed us the clothes we were going to wear with a warm welcome and we were informed that we were going to do it during the night. After wore the clothes on, we did a little catalog shoot. Then we started to tour the museum and we met the guests and introduced ourselves to them.   In addition, the museum staff that we met at the museum, Nikola, took a tour of the museum and introduced us to the works. What caught my attention the most was the information I received about the Sisak football team and the weapons. Also we took frequent photos with guests walking inside the museum. We met a lot of people and when they found out that we were Turks, we had more friendly conversations and they told us what they knew about Turkey. Since I came to Croatia, I am quite happy that the Croats have so much sympathy for Turkey. This allows me to communicate with them more warmly. We also designed wristbands with children in the space reserved for children. It was nice for parents to join with their children and to create a separate space within the children. 

Tonight was one of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had.I was excited to be modeling for the first time, but we handled it with Neslişah in a nice way. I thank Jaca and Siscia for the T-shirts they gave us at the end of the night.’’

  • Orhan


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