My perspective of Socijala Summer Festival – Yalina Alvarez

Hi, my name is Yalina and I came from Spain to Petrinja to participate in a short term volunteering. During the whole month of June, IKS volunteers  have been organizing Socijala Ljetni Festival of this year and I have to say that both the organization process and the festival days were incredible. The festival lasted for three days and I felt that time was going very fast. We had a lot of activities and games every single day. We did Yoga and meditation in the mornings  to activate our bodys and I had the great opportunity to lead that activity. We had different games like ‘Capture the flag’ or ‘Treasure hunt’, we read some poetry in a lot of languages at the ‘Poetry by fire’ activity and we had very good music to dance and enjoy the night. All the activities I participated in, helped  me to connect with this wonderful people I had the chance to meet here in Petrinja. Thanks to the volunteers who came here from different countries, the local volunteers and the people from Petrinja who came to the festival, an intercultural group of very energetic  young people was created. Moreover, being surrounded by so many different people, from different countries, with different cultures and languages, made me improve my language skills and I could learn something new every day.

On the other side, I have to say that the place where we had the festival it’s amazing and full of peace. It’s a place to disconnect  from busy life with a lot of good vibes. I could swim in the river in the day and in the night as well. As there is no light contamination, we could see the stars very clearly.

I really loved the bands who were at the festival, they played Rock, Blues, Reggae… Not to mention the DJs who played during the 80’s and techno parties. It was amazing to see so many different people knowing each other for such a short time sharing moments and very good energy every day. It was such  an amazing experience that  I’m not going to miss next year!



This article was put together by EVS volunteer Yalina from Spain for her project Creative summer – Exploring and unveiling youth potential through volunteering “IKSplore”. The project is cofinanced by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme.

Članak je sastavila volonterka Europske volonterske službe Yalina iz Španjolske za njen projekt Kreativno ljeto – Istraživanje i otkrivanje potencijala mladih kroz volonterstvo “IKSplore”. Projekt sufinancira Europska unija kroz Erasmus+ program. 

The Agency for mobility and EU programmes is the contracting authority and support for Erasmus+ projects in Croatia. Agencija za mobilnost i programe EU je ugovorno tijelo i podrška projekata Erasmus+ u Hrvatskoj.

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