My perspective of Socijala Summer Festival – Rina Ajredini

Socijala Festival 2018 will be remembered for me and for us volunteers as a great experience.

This festival took place in Kupa and lasted for 3 days, each day had its schedule.

From the point of view as a volunteer from Macedonia i can talk about all the preparations, workshops, parties, games and our feelings towards it.

When our supervisors informed us about the festival that we were supposed to present i can honestly say i was very excited because i saw a great opportunity to express myself in front of different people.

My duty was to prepare a workshop about the Psychological First Aid (PFA), not only did I inform the audience but I also had the chance to find out more about this topic for myself. I came up with the idea of playing some icebreaking games, to make people feel more comfortable and share some of their stories and their experiences in life.

One of the games that they liked the most was the game with a mirror in a box. Everyone had to sit in a circle and I put the box in the middle. I presented to them that the box has inside something really special, so they were expecting something unusual but all they found in the box was a simple mirror in which they saw their own reflection. They had to describe themselves with three adjectives and that was difficult for them.

This festival was different from the others that I have participated in because it included fun and education in a unique way. As a conclusion, I think that everyone who participated had a good time and we gave them something to remember.


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