My perspective of Socijala Summer Festival – Mariano Sanchez

Hello, my name is Mariano (Mario) and I have been a volunteer for 1 month at IKS. This weekend was the Socijala event and it was a great experience.

It was a time to learn and share experiences with volunteers from all places, as well as with the young (and not so young) of this city.

During the three days of the event, we did mediation, yoga, games for children, we played music, we sang, we danced, we swam and, above all, we laughed. It is an event to enjoy and exchange ideas and skills with other people, and, while you learn from the youngest you can teach them the benefits of traveling and getting to know other cultures. You have to get rid of the fear of leaving your comfort zone, and with that, get mature, grow and know yourself, something more difficult than it seems. This is the best lesson you can teach or learn with this type of event.

In addition, the chosen place was perfect, since you can connect with nature, learn to respect it and enjoy it.

In short, it was an exciting weekend in which to exchange cultures, have fun and try to give a positive or different example of how to take advantage of life.

Greetings and if you allow me an advice, take the opportunity to participate in the next Socijala! You will not regret it!


Projekt „Centar za mlade“ sufinancira Sisačko-moslavačka županija.