My perspective of Socijala Summer Festival – Julie Finucci

” volunteering ”: every person has his own definition of this word including multiple reasons and motivations, purposes and goals, ways and expectations.

IKS volunteering program can be thought as a synonymous of creativity: between multiculturalism and adaptation, creativity is growing and is kind of contagious.

As we are all used to say, ” sharing is caring ”, sharing new ideas, sharing opinions, sharing advices. From the organization of a summer festival to the animation of an elderly house, without forgetting the creation of children activities, every volunteer has something to bring.

” socijala letnji festival ” was the main project of June. Our days were punctuated by paint, cardboards and other kind of tapes: decorating kupaliste in an economic and esthetic way was our first purpose.

Then the time of promotion came, every means were welcomed. Some of the volunteers went to the radio, others to Sisak university or in Petrinja bars and market. When we had the impression of having tried everything, another idea of promotion emerged: a flashmob. Starting from that suggestion, we created a choreography and went in Petrinja park with loud music, microphone and positive vibes: the morning tiredness was not strong enough to interrupt our energy and motivation!

Yoga, mediation, creative workshops, concert, party: socijala was officially begining and seeing so many people on the first night was the greatest satisfaction!

The weather was on our side, the radiant atmosphere made us forget our lack of sleep: laughters and dances were reigning. Those three days seemed like a few hours.

Socijala festival was also a time of emotion and reunion : former volunteers came expressly to this event to meet their old colleagues and to enjoy the fruit of our work.

But after all of this, staring at every volunteer and seeing the shining satisfaction in everyone’s eyes is the biggest reward. By creativity, we all go out of our comfort zone, we realize what we are capable of and except giving to others, it’s a gift we are making to ourselves : pride.


Projekt „Centar za mlade“ sufinancira Sisačko-moslavačka županija.