My perspective of Socijala Summer Festival – Giorgia Vignando

My name is Giorgia and I come from Italy. I decided to come to Croatia to get to know the culture, to meet new people and to live a new experience outside my country. It was the best decision I could take. As soon as I arrived, we started working on organizing and promoting Socijala Festival. It was a great opportunity to learn how to work in groups, how to organize your day, how to share and be creative. It was the first time for me to work on something like this and I really enjoyed it. All of this to say that organizing this amazing festival was so fun, but living it was actually funnier.

The first day of Socijala was a surprise. We already knew what was going to happened, but living it was a totally different story. We had meditation and yoga every morning. It was very interesting to try it, I have always wanted to do it, but never had the opportunity at home. It was also nice to wake your body up as a first thing in the morning, do it all together and share it. After meditaton we had several other activities. The once I liked the most were the „poetry by fire“, where we had many people reading poems while eating delicious chocolate and being warmed up by a little fire. It was very emotional and also interesting to listen to croatian poetry, even though we couldn’t understand much. Poeple were very good at acting and communicating it. There were also some volunteers reading poems in their own language and some english poems as well. In the same day we had some creative workshops; we learned how to make special braids on our hair and we also had some make-up for our faces, to paint them and get ready for the 80s night. The funniest part was the water ballon war. During the last day, we decided to play with water ballons and we had a lot of fun together. It was also very importan to build some friendships, get to know each other better and do some time building.

And what about the nights? That was the gratest part. Very good and interesting bands were playing during the first night. I had the chance to listen to some really good music and get to know new music genres that I have never listened before. We were dancing the whole night and it was very fun. The 80’s night was also a good moment to listen to some good music that I didn’t remember, as well as the techno party during the last night. Everything was so perfect.

It was a real satisfaction to see the festival being so succefull, after working on it for a whole month. I felt a part of it, I felt like we were all together working for something amazing to happen and at the end it was real. For the whole month we were just dreaming about it, hoping that everything could go in the right direction and at the end it did. I hope I could go back in time to do it again, I would love to have the chance to organize something like this again and this is the reason why I would definitely come back to Socijala Festival next year!  


Projekt „Centar za mlade“ sufinancira Sisačko-moslavačka županija.