Još jedno upoznavanje s Europskom unijom u OŠ Dragutina Tadijanovića

23.01.2020 godine održana je još jedna u nizu radionica u sklopu projekta Smile&Go. Smile&Go partnerski je projekt vezan za implementaciju segmenata građanskog odgoja metodama neformalnog učenja. S obzirom na iskazani interes škole i učenika, Alice Bariani, volonterka Udruge IKS ponovila je radionicu o strukturi EU u OŠ Dragutina Tadijanovića.

Iskustva naših volontera i pripravnice možete pročitati u daljnjem teksu : 

‘’ Today we had a chance to repeat the workshop about the EU countries in Petrinja’s Elementary school in another class. It was quite the engaging experience.

Every class is different of course, and this one was really into the competition part of the workshop, often trying to talk over one another at the beginning to guess the countries before anyone else could. I think that since this was the second time we did this workshop it went better than the first, of course, with all of us knowing how to deal with timing and dividing the kids in four groups rather than just three.

Some of the students were guessing countries (or continents) completely at random, but some others were clearly really good at geography and understood that the countries often appeared in order from north to south, so they anticipated the next one coming, and I think they had lot of fun during the whole presentation.

I find it amazing that students can be so excited about geography to the point that they were genuinely happy about knowing which country was on screen and being praised by the rest of their group. It was a really good time for everybody, and the kids asked us to come back more times. That is truly the best praise.’’

  • Alice Bariani


‘’ Today we went to school for Alice’s workshop. She made presentations on the European Union. It was an effective presentation that included both play and information. Her game was aimed at finding the names of countries by showing the important things of countries. During her game, all the students focused on the presentation. So she made the knowledge she wanted to teach more understandable.  She used the time very well and finished the presentation just in time. The students were so excited to answer the questions.  At the end of workshop, the students said they would like to participate in such a workshop again. It was a very instructive and entertaining workshop to me.’’

  • Neslişah


‘’ Today we went to Dragutina Elementary School for Alice’s workshop. The workshop was about countries in the European Union and countries that are dependent on Schengen. In the workshop, there was a game and ıt was aimed at finding the names of countries by showing the important traditional things of countries. Also, important agreements signed in the European Union were mentioned in the workshop. With the excited participation of the children, the workshop became more fun. It was an informative presentation both for the children and for us.’’

  • Orhan


‘’ Today we did the second workshop for education on the EU with a 5th grade class. We divided the class into 4 groups and Alice did an excellent job leading the presentation. As with the first workshop, this was engaging for the students. Alice would give information about important dates regarding the EU and go through a guessing game with the class. It was a competition to guess which country she was talking aboutbased upon photo clues. Some of the countries were easy for the class and some were more difficult. There was one student who was always so amazed and excited if he guessed the correct country. It was incredible to see hisface light up with delight. All the other volunteers were also present to support and help Alice and the children throughout the activity. ‘’

  • Jordan


” Today we returned to the elementary school in Petrijna for the “Eu structure” workshop. The structure of the workshop remained the same. The class, once again, seemed to be very involved and enthusiastic even though, unfortunately, there was not a real team game within the various groups. One of the biggest difficulties we have encountered both previously and today is precisely to understand which group raised their hand first, to win a point in favor of the team. In my opinion, I think one of the solutions to this problem would be to appoint us volunteers to represent each team. I think this solution also improves team play, inclusion and respect for the rules. ”

  • Veronica